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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Margate Arlington Tesco In Your Face

The Feared Plan for Arlington House Tesco
I understand the hurt architects Nabb and Causer felt about sacrificing the integrity of a building they admire, which motivated them to produce their impression opposite. And at the Inquiry just two townsfolk turned up supporting redesign for shopping. Being unconcerned to hear the Arlington residents position they then left. Over on Simon Moores' blog someone has at last asked the question I was  most interested in:
Simon, A couple of minor points that have always concerned me. First where can I find any record of TDC negotiations for the premium that the Lessees will pay the Council for the uplift in site value if they build, and where did the imagined tesco picture originate?
Another Feared Plan - with a Bonnet on Top
i.e - what is the premium to be paid by developers to the community to compensate for changing the character and appearance of a Neighbourhood? Also, is it wise for all proceeds to go into a TDC Bank Account, especially if a Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted? And if owners of development land are Authorities (eg. EKO), and there is no Neighbourhood Plan to force a negotiation, then surely the prospect of a meaningful planning gain is remote?

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Anonymous said...

Any new build dwelling carry a government new build premium based on council tax income which goes straight into TDC coffers. A 1000 dwelling development would yield £5 or £6 millions for TDC. Now that's a bit of an incentive to allow some of the sckemes being proposed around Manston.
Its also interesting that large supermarket development elsewhere in Kent and other [arts of the country have been scrapped. The thinking of the large retailers is to invest in in town local shops and to provide central internet only stores. Tescos are also converting some of their larger stores into multi use spaces including community use space.