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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

In the Spotlight

I notice over on Cllr Ian Driver's post that Kent Police have repeatedly failed to criminalise  protesters for calling for an end to live animal exports.

I went down to the port in support a few times last year and recognised a familiar face.  It was a Police dog handler known by many in the gay community for all the wrong reasons (harassment).
This Officer was quite active late at night in the Conservation area known as Winterstoke Gardens in Ramsgate.  It was early in 2009 when collectively it was decided enough was enough.  Garden users decided it was simply no longer acceptable to have this Officer shine his torch in their faces on almost a weekly basis, asking questions like "what are you doing here at this time of night?" He always had his Police dog with him straining on a leash as if to stoke up resentment.

Anyhow, with enough witnesses, the users of Winterstoke Gardens managed to fully pursue their complaint. And this was despite Kent Police PR machine going into overdrive (among other things, a local newspaper feature showing this same PC demonstrating his dog handling skills helping to keep the public safe.... Cllr Driver... eat your heart out!).   Anyway, after about a year the complainants were told that the offending Police dog handler was very sorry, and that he had been required to do Diversity Training.   That's alright then.

The best of it is;  in March 2010 (just weeks after settling the above matter)  Kent Police, without warning managed to get twin halogen lamps installed bang in the middle of Winterstoke Gardens. There is no record of the decision and it was sanctioned through "Ramsgate Neighbourhood (multi-agency) Panel".  Thanet Council is a member of this panel which is administered by Kent Police.

Nice one,  I mean,  why bother sending out a PC with a torch when you can just light the whole place up like a football pitch!

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Anonymous said...

Yuk, aren't you ashamed?

Solo Gays said...

thankyou for reading my post 16:46

Anonymous said...

Solo Gays, coppers are supposed to maintain standards of public decency and there is such a thing as giving offence to other people, regardless of what kind of private sexuality you engage in. Meeting up in places likely to be frequented by the unsuspecting does nothing to endear the LGBT community to the rest of us.

Solo Gays said...

17:06 you are allowing your prejudices to get in the way of the subject of this post. We are careful not to upset anyone, and there are enough of us to sort out any problem that may occur. The fact is, Kent Police on the one hand appear to wish to build productive relationships with us, and on the other completely ignore the agreed phased approach to resolving community tensions. That lamp should have been a last resort. But then Kent Police and councillors know we would not complain publicly because of intolerant attitudes now coming across here. However, given the scale of corruption within institutions I have been emboldened to highlight this case alongside others. At the end of the day what do you hate more: corruption or gay lifestyles?

Anonymous said...

Solo, it is not intolerance to suggest that there is a time and a place. I equally abhor the straight practice of meeting up in car parks to engage in sex with strangers.

Some things demand privacy and, if you cannot see that, there is nothing to add.

Solo Gays said...

I have only seen one young straight couple have sex up there Tom. We would not have seem them if the halogen lamps had not been put up there! It didn't seem to worry them though, and we tried not to look as we went passed several times.

Perhaps we need to get you involved next time to demand privacy?

Anonymous said...

Guess I am just old fashioned, Solo, but public demonstrations of a private love between individuals is not my scene. Just grateful I do not live in Winterstoke Crescent or opposite a shelter or public loo.

It happened to the Romans so I guess European Christian civilisation is next to bite the dust. Militant Islam will not be long in restoring the old order.

Lyndon T Palmer said...

In another area of England there is a rock garden. It was built in 1920s by veterans of the WW1 trenches.

It is maintained at public expense plus by a volunteer group.

I tend to agree with the idea that the war veterans created a garden designed as an allegory. The shape of the basin is akin to any one of the many Messines Ridge craters.

There is a little bog garden which may represent the Battle of Ypres in which the drainage system of Flanders was broken such that the battlefield became quicksand and men drowned in mud. And so on. It was built by men who made something beautiful out of what was landscaped to represent the horros they were leaving behind.

Purists from the council think the gardens does not conform to rock garden norms. Well duh. It was built by men leaving a legacy. Here is our experience made into a future inspiration. War and killing does not define us. Each year spring defines our hope in future and autumn leaves fall as we remember the fallen. Not a single plaque in the place. It is all in the design.

That rock gardens is now a notorious gay evening venue. A no go area after dusk to people who just want to enjoy the garden.

To some extent opening up the panoramic view by extensive pruning and lopping has been to enable people to see what goes on and to call police. And police attend.

The person who calls police the most has herself served time after defying a court order. She rather liked entertaining her man friend in her hot tub. Her neighbours did not like what she got up to in her own back garden. Especially as she seemed very adept at vocal accompaniment.

So she ended up being banned from her own house for five years on a Judges Order. And had to rent a flat. Overlooking the rock gardens.

Surely she has a bit of a point ? She got banned from her own home (that she owned outright) for five years for what she chose to do on her own private property.

And she happens to be a volunteer gardener looking after the rock gardens for the peaceful enjoyment of EVERYONE.

The Police should check that no one under age or vulnerable or weak is being exploited and they have to pay regard to the rights of peace for all society.

You want an area to do your thing ? Do what the gypsies do and buy some land. And try not to annoy the neighbours ..... Stay off public areas. Your argument is an oxymoron. Your "Rights to privacy" exist on private land not on public land.

Solo Gays said...

Thankyou for your contribution Mr Palmer.

Thanet Police, have for their own reasons, ducked the issues and have ignored guidance from Maidstone. You assume we do not on the whole co-exist peacefully in this area? And that we would not show concern if notified of anyone being offended if so advised?

The area has been allowed to fall into disrepair and it is the gay community who has tried to lead on rectifying this. Indeed, if all garden users were so encouraged, Kent Police can now bring the parties together to improve the area, now an open community group with a bank account has been established. Also, boundary setting can be a part of this process.

Solo Gays said...

another tale of light pollution on the other side of the world: