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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Heritage Regeneration Game

There is funding around for community groups to partner businesses to restore heritage assets like the rockery pictured.


Anonymous said...

Solo Gays, over on Michael's blogs in response to your question, I shared my dream with you and you ignored it. Not very nice even if spending a week with a delightful Thai maiden as a break from a nasty Asian war is not your scene. An acknowledgement would have sufficed.

Solo Gays said...

I do assure you 20.02 your comment was not dismissed, just took me a little by surprise that's all. I felt it would have more impact not to reply and to leave readers to ponder that special memory you shared.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

I have to ask, as this has always seemed a little hypocritical, but if the lgbt community (i thought the G in lgbt stood for gay, hence Gay/lgbt would seem gramatically inaccurate at best) stood to integration into society on the basis that desrimination os wrong, yet then you seek to differentiate between people belonging to the lgbt community from everyone else to secure funds!

Surely either differing groups should be considered utterly equal, or they should be regarded as disperate with differing needs and thus should be treated differently.

Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, SG, understood. Believe me it was special and the contrast one week to the next awesome.

Solo Gays said...

JH, I have bucked a trend by starting a gay/gay friendly group, or leastways identifying ourselves as such since many gay people feel as you do. Nevertheless, some do seek access to some sort of community in times of need and are pleased we exist. I always say "gay/lgbt" since not everyone knows what lgbt means.

As to funding, well, this is about commerce, lgbt being a target market for tourism. There are trust funds in existence for the exclusive use of lgbt people, so see no reason why this should not form a useful part of a funding bid in the future?

Kent Police have already indicated to me they would make a specialist Community Liason Officer available to us all to write bids if there is enough interest?

Solo Gays said...

7.49, thanks for getting back to me. Given the quality of debate by anons of late I can see how easy it is for us to tar all anons(ie each other) with the same brush. You provided us with a stark reminder that we are dealing with human beings on the end of the keyboard. In the event your prompt did focus my mind into making an appropriate response, one which I probably would have appreciated myself.

Solo Gays said...

I Just need to make a correction here. I have received a communication from Kent Police. It is not the case that they are available to assist with bid writing. I had assumed their assistance given to a new group I am involved with was open-ended. This is not the case.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

I take your points on board SG, and understand your point of view. I just always do find it odd that in one breath the LGBT community battle to be treated the same as everyone else (in the VAST majority of areas absolutely correctly), and in the next, seek money and support on the basis they are different and should be treated as such.

It's just an amusing dichotomy to me that groups setup to promote equality and an end to descrimination, then immediately do the opposite lol.

Aha, I see what you mean, I thought I had got the initials LBGT wrong, or it had been redifined recently, and i had missed it, lol, thanks for clearly that up for me.

As a matter of interest, do you think that Thanet can rival (and would you consider it disreable/advantageous) places such as Brighton as a destination for the LGBT community?

Solo Gays said...

John, those of us venturing into LGBT groups or forums for whatever reason, find they end up imploding as participants soon realise they have very little in common apart from their same sex orientation. You just end up re-cycling old gay propaganda.

I recently helped an individual take over the East Kent LGBT Forum from Kent Police, but the same communication problems persist and it would not be fair to go into them here.

There is growing evidence that making an effort to make lgbt people feel welcome in an area has very positive knock on effects. But sadly the traffic has remained largely one way; and that is to leave at the earliest opportunity.

Anything can be turned around, but I think different groups must work together to do that. That in itself I think is desirable/advantageous.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

VERY well put SG!

That is my poing SG. I have many friends, that I have many things in common which, hence why we are friends. To define oneself by ones sexuality simply perpetuates the separation and singling out of a "minority group" by it's own hand.

I would suggest that is a place was made welcoming to ALL, then the LGBT community would as welcome as myself and my family, my friend and his mates who love a good day out on their motorbikes at weekends etc etc etc.

I do take your point, but i really feel that things and places should be promoted for ALL.