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Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Email to Thanet District Council Chief Executive & Partners

Subject: RE: Thanet District Council - Corporate Peer Challenge
Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 09:53:41 +0100

Dear Dr Sue McGonical

Thankyou for inviting me to take part in this.

There are 3 main issues of concern I raised at the meeting I attended which, as usual, seems to have disappeared into a black hole?  You may be aware I have been raising the same issues right up until the Thanet Compact was moved from Thanet Council Offices shortly after May 2011, and have continued to make representations to various bodies and individuals ever since.  I will restate them here:

1)  During the spring of 2010 a halogen lamp was placed at the centre of where we meet at Winterstoke Gardens in Ramsgate, a conservation area.  Whilst some Illumination is welcome where none had existed before, this light leaks badly and blinds passers-by up to a radius of about 150 metres.  No attempt has been made by anybody to meet with myself and others who are affected by this, and the knock on effects are more considerable than you would imagine.

2)  For a decade now, the planning department have sought to remove my elderly mother and her partner (who has chronic mental health issues), from the garden land of my mother's former cottage home in Manston. As you are probably aware this has the potential to become the subject of a high court challenge, so I will not go into detail. However, given that your planning department's grounds for removing them are that their home is a new development which is harmful to the Thanet Countryside, you must concede that it is somewhat bizzarre that an organisation of which you are a signatory (EKO LLP), has applied and now appealed for planning permission to build 550 new homes on greenfield land nearby,  and which is in conflict with Thanet Council's policy to protect it's countryside from further development?  May I ask what steps, if any, you are undertaking to resolve your conflict of interest, which is now a matter of public record?

3) I raised the issue of the undemocratic decision to remove Thanet Compact from Thanet Council Offices after the May 2011 meeting (I retain the minutes of all meetings I attended here). And I went to some lengths at the recent Peer Review Challenge to explain why I felt it is important to hold these meetings close to where decision making takes place in the district. And even if at times the meetings appeared just symbolic, I still believe it had the potential to prevent bad decisions from occurring.  I note who is on your email list here, and I do just wonder if even just the Winterstoke lamp issue could be resolved with any of the partners here? However, I am in no position to facilitate this. Maybe you are?

Yours Sincerely

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