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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Beware The Ramsgate Vigilantes

I always thought the author of Promote Ramsgate blog was a decent ordinary sort of bloke, willing to consider all points of view, that sort of thing.  Then I read this statement:

"The work at the Winterstoke, which has already been started by volunteers , will also improve sight lines and take away the many dens currently being used as hidey holes by those committing Antisocial behavior".
"A Social Experiment" - from the "Bloke Called Dave" blog
I don't know where Mr James get's his information, but I suspect it is fear of anti-social behavior that haunts him and his followers more than anything?  It could be there has been a serious incident that has caused the "clear out" which Mr James is more than happy to shout about? If this proves to be the case, then perhaps he will kindly explain? 


Lyndon T Palmer said...

Please face up to it. Westport Lake Stoke on Trent closure of public toilets. Rock Gardens Southsea opening up lines of sight. Why should people tolerate public areas becoming no go areas at from dusk ?

It is not a homophobic issue. It would be the same if it was dogging or prostitution. If you want an area to pursue your preferences then buy land and maintain it yourselves.

Stop bleating.

Solo Gays said...
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Solo Gays said...

Many social issues arise out of this, but most don't want to discuss it I guess
It was interesting that Barry and I became part of the Ramsgate Neighbourhood Planning Group, and I was the only one at the time to volunteer to champion improvements to Winterstoke Gardens. The group disbanded after that?

Peter Checksfield said...

Surely Winterstoke Gardens IS being improved now? If you want overgrown bushes, there's plenty of parks or woods in Thanet & beyond.

On a slightly seperate note, I really can't understand the appeal of "dating" in toilets. Whatever one's sexual preferences, what's sexy about the smell of stale sh*t?

tony flaig bignews said...

Seems perfectly normal to me.

Perhaps you could clarify what you think antisocial means, it seems to be self explanatory to me.

Solo Gays said...

thanks for your comment Peter. Barry James along with six other "leading lights",played a facilitating role in bringing together a group of people to take on Neighbourhood Plannig. They put some of us to quite a bit of trouble, and then they all disappeared, only for some to regroup again to do things their way. Plans are more than about Landscapes alone, and I would have liked to have seen part of consultations to have included night time users. But as we are all just hiding away in dens committing anti social behaviour according to Barry James, then according to him we don't deserve a say and we should have designs imposed upon us.
Regarding your point about dating in toilets, I was always fearful of attempting to meet men in toilets, but I did waste too much time in bars, and now online. As to the attraction of promenading, and then finding yourself in the exciting clutches of a stranger, or someone familiar, in a nearby "hidey hole"? Is that anti social?

Solo Gays said...

I guess it's something seen or experienced in a public place that causes distress over a period of time to more than one person. I also guess this can cover a lot of stuff.And I also guess the remedies can vary too, depending upon who is involved?

Barry James said...

Solo get your facts right. The group disbanded due to the illness of the main instigator. The poor man had a breakdown.
Secondly why do you always believe the ASB is something to do with you. Had you not left FORS you would have read what caused those bushes to be removed and with Parks and Gardens approval.
Should you wish to contact the police and ask them I'm sure they will enlighten you

Solo Gays said...

As a group you fell apart and you were all quite happy to see a sick man carry on until he ended up making a fool of himself.
FORS was ok to find out a few things, but ultimately I decided it was not for me. I am aware of an incident involving a man frightening a lady by emerging from the bushes. This was what was passed onto me by companions who were approached by Police asking if they had seen anything.Any talk of ASB affects me as a regular user of the place, and where actions are taken as consequence. Your outburst about clearing the place of hidey holes has at least provided a lot of interest among otherwise very run of the mill posts! Thankyou!