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Monday, 5 May 2014

Reclaiming the Public Realm

4 Police cars with 8 officers were dispatched last night to look for a man who was seen making a possible suicide bid. We worked out that it was me leaning over the cliff in a shabby coat looking for a fox which caused a dog walking couple to make a call. It got me thinking about the cumulative negative effect of acts of authority, eg. vans parked on the promenade, overbearing halogen lamps, OTT Police presence, too many signs, ripped out shelter partions etc etc.  I hope Orchard Toys won't mind the use of their puzzle? How much more amusing I thought, if we had a  helicopter and an officer on horseback to complete the ensemble?


Peter Checksfield said...

If it wasn't for the bright lighting, passers by wouldn't see a REAL suicide case...

Solo Gays said...

Oh Mr Checksfield where have you been? I've missed you!
3 Points here really: 1) the suspect(me)was plain to see under a regular matching street lamp. 2)how sad that the couple felt they could not ask the poor old bloke what was the matter? (it certainly would have been far too late if it was a genuine attempt. 3)the promenade from the Granville up to Winterstoke Gardens is in near complete darkness(all the better for it with a clearer night sky view)