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Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Birthday Ode - "Ripples of War" - PDSA Family History Starting in Ramsgate

Swinging Sixties bursting forth
Famillies at risk of going under
A Great Grandmother to shoulder
Friendship cats and horticulture

Vetinary husband gassed in WW1
Amassed years to cope
Animals to suffer to in WW2
Appeasement was a vain hope

Grandma's values cherished
As moggies I moved by bike
A small fortune they underpin
Then I lose, oh that did bite!

Career found just in time 
Potted history complete
Smudgie at least content
Now just sitting tight

Photo Opposite
Great Grandfather Newstead with my Great Grandmother
outside their PDSA Premises in
Albert Street Ramsgate in 1932

(Click on photos to see them enlarged)

60 Years on  Great Grandmother Mary Newstead is in another shop doorway. This time supporting her grand-daughter (mum) with the opening of her gift shop in Cliftonville in 1992. And after a brief spell of mum sharing premises with a shoe repair man in Northdown Road in 2002/3, they decided to set up home in Manston together.  Elements of this blog charts their struggle with Thanet Council to make a permenant home there.

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