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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Motherhood & Apple Pie - Transexuals and Cross Dressing

Our beautiful cat had to be put to sleep today.  So you can imagine I wasn't really in the mood to face the quarterly lgbt meeting at their hideout in Whitstable.  But I thought it's no good moping, and I did want feedback from members about the first social event to have taken place in Thanet, which was arranged and then cancelled in strange circumstances.

Transgender identity versus cross dressing proved a flashpoint when I remarked how some liked to walk about Winterstoke Gardens late at night in short leather skirts, black stockings and suspenders etc., and that you just don't see them now?
 I was about to speculate that spotlamps are the likely reason for this, when two older members dressed in pastel lemon and pink dresses said these Thanet types have trouble "fitting in"?  Bemused,  I wondered whether this trouble "fitting in" was down to the way they dress and apply make-etc?  The chairperson then swiftly moved on to another subject.

Just as we were leaving I did manage to get a comment from one member regarding whether she thought it was sad the event in Thanet was cancelled, and that no alternative was discussed at the meeting:  "That's Thanet for You" she said.


Zuss said...

Seems sad that even a simple coffee morning can't be achieved in Thanet! What about the surrounding areas, are there events advertised locally?

Zuss said...

Sorry state of affairs!!