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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Age UK etc: Support for Over 50's Progressing

I have been busy making sure Gay in Thanet is listed on the Thanet Community Support Partnership  older persons website.

Here at Gay in Thanet we firmly believe Support goes hand in glove with Leisure (gosh I must sound like one of those retirement brochures!).

Staying Active.........

Approaching 50 myself, I feel our philosophy should be to encourage our generation to be involved in Civil Society.  Like cherishing and enhancing our beautiful public open spaces and amenities.

OMG!  Where did those new houses come from?


Anonymous said...

That place needs renovating of course, but it also needs decent lighting & security cameras to stop it being vandalised again.

Solo Gays said...

Our issue is with basic maintenance. The concrete floors in both shelters are crumbling even. The thrust of social policy as I understand it, is to encourage ALL users to take an interest in their environment? I am sure there must be a community leader out there somewhere who has the skills to draw people together?

I would be interested to find out amongst night time users who favours the spot lamps as opposed to more traditional (humane) lighting?

Anonymous said...

As long as the lighting is strong enough for the security cameras to work then I'm fine with "humane" lights!

Solo Gays said...

One of these days 18.05, hopefully in the not too distant future, a mixed group of residents who use the area will get together and work out how to get maximum enjoyment out of these gardens.

Anonymous said...

Maximum enjoyment is what?