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Friday, 3 January 2014


I was feeling quite sad last night readers, sitting alone in the Winterstoke Memorial with the wind and rain beating down, with the drips from the leaking roof catching the back of my neck as if someone had just walked over my grave. And of course the rays from those halogen lamps penetrating my sight in place of a once glorious night time view of the sea and moon.

There was nobody there, well there hardly ever is these days,  just my favourite fox sniffing round to see if I had bought him food.  Because of the inclement weather at least he got a break from those dogs that are let loose to chase him and the other foxes I thought.

And then the next day I get this email about a LGBT Tourism survey.   It seems to be about the reasons behind the choices we make when planning a holiday. Maybe if enough of us say what draws us to an area, then maybe Winterstoke Gardens could be in for a makeover and become a magnet again for us all :-) Click on this red link to play your part Quick LGBT Tourism Survey

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