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Friday, 1 November 2013

Peter Checksfield & Mental Health

I had to smile when I saw Peter's comment  published on Cllr Simon Moores blog today  heralding as it does Peter's return to the Good Councillor's fold. Ever since I started blogging back in April this year I noticed Peter periodically bemoaning his ban from commenting on Simon's blog (everyone is blocked from commenting on mine temporarily, not wishing to further indulge the attitudes of a tiny vocal minority whose views remain tediously polarised).
 I recently issued a public apology to Peter because he seemed a bit miffed about a post I did which  featured an online exchange between us, which I described as an "Interview" (well it is sort of  like that anyway isn't it?).

Anyhoo in his latest post today Cllr Moores has seen fit to raise the spectre of mental health service provision in the district. Given this is an area in which I am mixed up, I felt I had something to contribute by way of a comment myself. Peter's comment on there about the poor state of a footbridge and local blogging (oh dear!) rightly takes pride of place. 

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